Barefoot Living: A Natural Health Movement

Connected. Grounded. Confident. Free. These are just a few of the words people use to describe how they feel being barefoot. Who doesn’t love kicking off their shoes? But did you know it’s also a great way to live a naturally healthier life? Running barefoot is popular, but living barefoot is best!

Why? In part, because study after study is showing the damaging effects of shoes  on not just our feet, but our ankles, knees, backs and more. A growing number of doctors, professors, authors and everyday people are beginning to advocate the health benefits of a natural, safe, economical, environmentally friendly and fun barefoot lifestyle. And, as every child knows, shoes are simply uncomfortable and restrictive to wear. So, why wear them?

Experienced barefooter Kevin C. Neece shares his insights in enlightening sessions on how you – and especially your children – can live a freer, more natural, healthier life by living barefoot. He’ll act as your personal guide to escaping the confines of shoes and finding the whole body benefits of healthy, uninhibited feet!

You’ll learn about the way the foot is designed to work, proper gait and how to counteract the damaging effects of shoes. You’ll also see why your children need to be barefoot as much as possible! You’ll take a barefoot walk outside to experience the Earth (and the city) in all its textures and learn to adapt to a new way of walking. It’s the way we were designed to walk – barefoot and free!

To book Kevin to speak at your school, church, event or natural health facility, please contact Kevin.

The revised edition of The Barefooter’s Handbook: A Field Guide to Walking Like a Human is now available as an e-book! This 45-page handbook is a complete starter kit for living a more barefoot life. Inside, you’ll learn:

What’s wrong with shoes and why your feet don’t need them

How to get started going barefoot

How to get out into the world as a barefooter

Barefoot training and dealing with challenges

Legal issues – and myths! – about going barefoot

and much MORE!

This PDF e-book is available for $10 by PayPal to

If you want to begin restoring your feet to the way they were designed to function, improving your overall health and well-being and sensing the world in a whole new way, this handbook is for YOU! It’s time to start Walking Like A Human!

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